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Hand Hygiene

COVID - 19




Since the latest government announcement of Devon being placed in a tier 2 ‘lockdown’ there are a few more alterations to the rules, this is something we will be sticking too until possibly easter – Hopefully sooner!



Whilst we remain in Tier 2 we will only be able to book tables which include guests only from your own household. Please bear in mind that you may be asked to show ID, failure to comply with these government rules could result in your booking being cancelled and your table being lost.


Whilst we remain in Tier 2 we are only able to serve alcohol as part of a substantial meal. This will require you to still be consuming or expecting food to arrive to allow us to continue to sell alcohol to you and/or your table.

Since we reopened, we have asked all customers to provide us with track and trace details. This is now a legal requirement. All guests are required to wear face coverings at all times throughout the pub except for when sitting at their own socially distanced table (Even to the toilet!)

Thank you all for your continued support and for being so understanding during these truly challenging time. We look forward to welcoming you all back as of Thursday! (03/12)


All staff will undergo extensive safety training prior to returning to work. We will ask staff before each shift upon arrival to sign to confirm that they have no symptoms.  Anyone presenting symptoms will be asked to return home and self isolate.

We would prefer to minimise the use of PPE where possible. Personal face shields will be allocated to each staff member. Gloves will not be worn, preferring instead regular hand washing and the use of sanitising gels.

PPE will be available as required and requested by staff; PPE may be used by our Kitchen team.



Due to certain restrictions placed on pubs and other hospitality venues, when they reopen, we have assessed The Lamb’s capacity to ensure that it can operate social distancing safely. Where possible areas will be marked for customers to queue. One entry point will be in use at all times.

Entrance doors will be pinned open to increase air flow and reduce hand contact points, with a separate exit point. There will be a hand-sanitiser station at the pub entrance.

Informational signage will be installed, providing clear guidance and direction for customers as they enter the premises.



Signage will be in place on all corridors and staircases around the pub and leading to toilets, asking customers to ‘please keep left’. Arrows will be in place around the pub showing the one-way system. Touchpoints around the pub will be frequently cleaned by all staff members using appropriate sanitiser.

A hand-sanitiser station will be located close to toilets’ entrance/exit doors. Where possible, toilet doors will be propped open. Signage will be displayed in the toilets reminding customers about hand-washing frequency.





Our dining tables and outdoor seating will be placed 2m apart and in order to manage customer numbers inside pre-booking will be essential. Customers not planning on eating do not have to book but it is encouraged to avoid disappointment due to the lowered capacity of the pub. All orders (including drinks) will be taken at the table, If you would like to visit the Bar please follow the one way system and maintain social distancing.

Upon arrival you will be shown to your table with appropriate social distancing. Indoor table bookings can be taken for up to 2 households (including support bubbles), and outdoor table bookings for up to 6 people from any number of households.



The government has asked pubs and other hospitality venues, when they reopen, to collect and maintain records of customers and share them, where requested, with NHS Test and Trace. This is so that NHS Test and Trace can identify and inform those who may have been exposed to COVID-19, having been in close contact with somebody who has tested positive for the virus.

All customers, or the lead member of a customer group, will be provided with an NHS Test and Trace form and, if requested, a pen. The form will ask for a name, contact phone number, date of visit and arrival/departure time. Customers will then be asked to place the completed form in a box, when they leave the pub

The NHS Test and Trace forms will be collected throughout the day and stored confidentially by the pub team. The forms will be securely destroyed after 21 days. Customers’ details will not be stored electronically or shared with any third party, except NHS Test and Trace, if it requests them within the 21-day retention period. By providing your details, you are consenting to their release to NHS Test and Trace. Your data protection rights will apply.

While it is neither a legal requirement for you to provide this information when visiting our pubs nor an insistence by us that you do, NHS Test and Trace is an important tool for the NHS in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 – and we encourage all customers to complete a form..



During this time, we will be encouraging a cashless operation; credit and debit cards will be accepted at this time with everyone being encouraged to use contactless card facilities if available. All payments will be made at the table using our portable card machine. This will be cleaned appropriately between uses.

Cash will only be taken if necessary.  



The above is a summary. The detail is under constant review to conform with government guidance. If you would like more details on how our operating procedures are being re-designed to keep you safe, please just email: We look forward to welcoming you back to The Lamb.

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